The Kerrobert Swimming Pool offers Aquasizes every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-7pm, which is a workout in the water. The majority of the class is spent in waist deep water with the option at the end to try some swimming in the deeper water. We invite participants of all ages and abilities to come and join! 


$6 Daily without a pass, $5 Daily with a pass and $50 for a 10 Day Pass

Lane Swim

The Kerrobert Swimming Pool offers Lane Swim every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-7pm, where patrons have the opportunity to practice their swimming strokes without the disruption of public swimmers. Different swimming aids will be available upon request, such as flutter boards, pull buoys, noodles, etc. 


$3 Daily without a pass, $2 Daily with a pass, $20 for a 10 Day Pass and $50 for a Season Pass

Family Swim

Every Sunday from 6pm-7pm the Kerrobert Swimming Pool offers Family Swim. Family Swim is an opportunity for families to come for a swim and practice skills or just enjoy an emptier pool. You must be with family members to attend.


$15 Daily or $260 for a Family Season Pass 

Junior Guarding

The Kerrobert Swimming Pool has implemented a Junior Guard program for young swimmers who have an interest in one day becoming a lifeguard. Participants must be at least 10 years old to take part. Participants will be scheduled to guard on a specific Monday from 4pm-5pm, depending on availability. Participants will shadow a Senior Guard and learn the basics of rescuing and First Aid, and be able to ask any questions or address any concerns they may have in regards to lifeguarding.

Price: Free!

Late Night Swims

Twice a month, the Kerrobert Swimming Pool hosts late night swims. Some are themed, some are movie nights, and some are just simply a late night swim. We try to offer one a month that is more directed towards older kids and one that is for the younger ones. 

Price: $5 per Swimmer 

Dive Clinic

Each summer, the Kerrobert Swimming Pool hosts a Dive Clinic, date dependent on availability of the instructor. Through the dive clinic swimmers will learn the basics of diving along with more complicated dive techniques with a Dive Instructor. 

Price: Free!

Drowning Prevention Week

Each summer, the Kerrobert Swimming Pool takes part in Drowning Prevention Week. Drowning Prevention week is a National event that focuses community and media attention to the drowning problem and drowning prevention. Each year, different main messages are chosen to focus on throughout the week and with those messages are fun, educational games and activities. We believe as the KSP staff that Drowning Prevention Week is important to take part in to educate the community on drowning and how we can fix the problem of drowning. 

Price: Free!

Fun Weeks

Throughout the summer, the Kerrobert Swimming Pool aims to create a fun atmosphere by hosting multiple fun themed weeks, filled with activities, prizes and treats! 

Price: Free!

Be sure to check out our FaceBook page for more details and updates about these programs! 

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